1. By Credit/Debit Card:

Each purchase from the website www.sherpa-clothes.gr is made at the buyer’s option with the possibility of payment by credit cards VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS.

The transactions are carried out electronically and securely, in real time, between the Buyer and the owner of the card and ALPHA BANK, which processes the transaction on behalf of www.sherpaclothes.gr.

In this process, www.sherpaclothes.gr has no involvement and your sensitive credit/debit card details are not stored in its system.

In case the buyer making the transaction is not the same person as the owner of the Credit Card, www.sherpa-clothes.gr bears no responsibility and has no obligation to refund.

2. WithPaypal:

PayPal allows you to pay directly and automatically encrypts confidential data with the best technologies on the market.

3. Cash on delivery:

You can pay the courier server upon delivery of the products to your location. For cash on delivery there is an extra charge of €2.50 on top of the shipping costs.

4. By deposit to a Bank account:

If you choose bank deposit, please contact us to bind the products you ordered.

Phone:2262400497, e-mail:info@sherpa-clothes.gr, Mobile phone 6936181813


ALPHA BANK :GR8601405830583002002006550

PIRAEUS: GR63 0172 1550 0051 5505 2095 656

On the Bank Deposit Form you will write your full name or the order number and you must send us a copy.

In cases where the deposit is not made within two days from the day the order is placed, then the order is automatically cancelled by the system.

The cost of the bank commission is not charged to the Customer.